Variables in Types

September 25, 2017

These are some recitation notes for an ad-hoc recitation I gave for the class 15-312 Principles of Programming Languages. It was probably my favorite 312 recitation content-wise, because it’s the first recitation where we’ve covered enough stuff to where we can really start connecting the dots.


We’ve seen a number of examples in class of types which use variables. Having variables in our type systems lends a great deal of power to languages using these type systems. We’re going to look at how variables are used in generic programming, inductive & coinductive types, and polymorphic types.

Variables in Types

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Surgery on codebases from the CLI

One problem that comes up all the time for me is needing to manipulate files only on specific lines. Like, “find and replace this pattern, but only on specific lines.” In this post, I’ll introduce the CLI tools I’ve made to solve this class of problems with some examples. Continue reading

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