Recitation Notes

September 24, 2017

One thing I miss from being a teaching assistant is getting to write up recitation and lecture notes for technical topics. Like with teaching any other subject, writing up explanations for interesting things I’ve found helps me round out what concepts are still confusing. I also miss getting to make nice LaTeX-typeset PDFs.

Recitation notes are distinguished from normal blog posts in that they’ll cover more CS theory-oriented topics and will be more instructive than experience-based. All recitation notes are tagged with the tag recitation.

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I might “cross post” a few of the more interesting existing recitation handouts I’ve made over the years (though some of them make a heavy-handed assumption that you’re in the class currently).

System Fω and Parameterization

Some recitation-style notes on System F, polymorphism, and functions. I used to not know the difference between ∀(t.τ) and λ(u.c). Turns out, there’s a huge difference! Continue reading

Variables in Types

Published on September 25, 2017

Testing, Types, & Correctness

Published on September 10, 2017