Codemod Tips and Tricks

August 31, 2019


Raw notes

gd | diff-locs | multi-sed - 's/T.any.TrueClass, FalseClass./Boolean/'

sorbet/scripts/typecheck_devel | onlyloclines | vim -

ag -l '< Opus::APICore::AbstractAPIResource' | \
  xargs grep --no-filename '^# typed:' | \
  sort | \
  uniq -c
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Surgery on Code from the Command Line

One problem that comes up all the time for me is needing to manipulate files only on specific lines. Like, “find and replace this pattern, but only on specific lines.” In this post, I’ll introduce the CLI tools I’ve made to solve this class of problems with some examples. Continue reading

On Programming Language Choice

Published on June 21, 2019

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