Airbnb has put together a stellar list of simple ways to make your JavaScript more maintainable and manageable. From comments and whitespace, to hoisting and type casting, this list covers nearly everything you should know when developing a JavaScript app.

The Backstory

Before I begin, I should mention that any views I express here are entirely my own. Now, I recently began working for the summer at Bloomberg L.P., where for the first few days we sit through a few talks and do a few labs that introduce us to the technologies we’ll be using throughout the summer. JavaScript was one of these languages, and I found that a quote on the first slide is all too correct:

“JavaScript is both the most popular and unpopular programming language.”

– Doug Crockford

From there, as you might imagine, the reactions from a predominantly C++ oriented audience towards JavaScript’s quirks were pretty amusing. There are some significant differences between these two languages, and if you’re not careful, they can get annoying quite quickly.



JavaScript might have it’s quirks, but it’s still a vastly powerful language, especially if used well. For any aspiring JavaScript developer, I would highly recommend looking over Airbnb’s JavaScript best practices. Even if you think you’ve got the language down, I’m confident you’ll uncover something useful.

The Birth and Death of JavaScript

While you’re here, check out this video for an incredibly humorous and satisfyingly accurate discussion of JavaScript, from birth to death.


Aaand while we’re posting humorous JavaScript videos, I’ve gotta throw this one into the mix.

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